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Golding & Associates will remain open, but we implementing changes to help do our part with reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Our primary goal is to reduce traffic in our office – but to still be available to answer questions for those who need help.

We will be rescheduling counselling sessions that are currently scheduled in the coming weeks. If at that time we are still facing issues, we will look at videoconference or telephone counselling

We are asking that you submit your income and expense statements via electronic means (email or fax) or mail instead of bringing it into the office.  If this is not possible, please call us to discuss.

Please call us to discuss options if you normally bring payments into the office.

Telephone consultations and video calls are available for new consultations.  We are also available to answer questions via email or text. This is a shift from our normal approach, but we are doing what we can to be available – but also keeping everyone safe. We understand that many people have questions about their financial options in the midst of this unprecedented state we are in.  We are actively researching all of the available options the government and financial institutions are offering to help people through this pandemic.  Hopefully if people utilize everything that is out there, they will be able to recover from this.  If after exhausting those resources people need more help, we can look at the other options that are out there to help deal with debt.

In our pre Covid 19 world, we regularly saw individuals who were overwhelmed with debt and saw the impact of that stress on their lives and their mental health.  This situation has surely not helped and now everyone has additional concerns about their physical health.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any financial questions you have – even if they are not directly related to the options we offer.  I want to part of the solution to all of this by being knowledgeable on all the supports that are out there.  We all know need to contribute in any way we can to a positive outcome in our post-Covid 19 world because the impact is going to be immense.