Easter Savings Tips

Easter is just around the corner.  For those who have left it to the last minute, here are some Easter savings tips.

1/ Buy candy in bulk instead of the individual pre-wrapped candy.  Not only will you save on cost, you will produce less waste.

2/ Make homemade Easter treats

3/ Don’t buy the expensive egg dying kits.  Vinegar, food colouring and water can do the same thing.  As another option there are all kinds of natural dyes (ie. Onions, blueberries, coffee, cumin).  Here is a link to a site with a bunch of interesting colour ideas:
http://www.bhg.com/holidays/easter/eggs/natural-easter-egg-dyes/   Using those instead could turn the egg dying experience into a great learning experience for kids.

4/ Easter baskets are something that can easily be saved and reused year after year.

5/ Premade Easter gift baskets are an easy, convenient choice, but are typically very overpriced.  You could make one yourself likely for half the price and customize  it to the reciepient.  Not only is it less expensive, it is far more personal.